Our friends at the Rec. Centre have once again made some space for us in the pool.
We start these sessions on Monday, Feb. 24 th. and we plan to run these until about April 20 th.
We have pool access from just before 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm on those Mondays.

You can arrive earlier if you wish to swim a lap or visit the hot tub.
There is no charge for these drop in evenings other than your regular Rec. Centre admission fees to the pool.
These are not paddling lessons and there is no set agenda for the evenings. It's more like a chance to practice

some strokes, braces, rescues, rolls or other cool moves and whatever you want in a warm, calm environment
with other friendly paddlers like yourself.

There is usually 2 to 4 boats available to share around the group but, if you want to bring a boat please
access the pool deck via the side parking lot and the double doors near the diving board.
Please make sure your boat is as clean as possible before putting it in the pool.

Questions ?  Contact John onlyt: click here to mail  or  250 255 7484

* I am away until February 15