In consideration of the pandemic recommendations, we ask that you review the following;
 DO NOT attend any club trip or event if you are not feeling well or are experiencing any covid symptoms
                or if you have been in close proximity to someone who is.
 DO NOT expect to share transportation, equipment or a boat with someone outside your "bubble"
 DO NOT handle someone else's canoe or paddling gear.
 PLAN to practice physical distancing.
 PLEASE respect all participants personal space.
 PLEASE bring your own hand sanitizer.
 NOTE there could be paddle outings on which we may have to limit participation.


A great way to start the season. Rescue Practice at Ten Mile Lake.
The skills we cover may one day save a life. All levels of experience are welcome.
Participants must possess at least the minimum skills necessary to maneuver their boat.
Besides the review and demonstration of canoe rescue techniques, we'll cover some safety topics
and a few risk management ideas as well. Kayaks are certainly welcome, but this evening is most
suited to tandem or solo canoes. Your boat should be equipped with; a spare paddle, painters, 
a bailing device and a throw bag. You must wear your approved PFD. Wear your wetsuit or 
drysuit if you have one.  Rain gear and an insulating layer are good to have.
No one will have to get in the water. In an effort to maintain physical distancing, we will practice
with an empty boat. No swimmers. This time.
You should still come prepared in case of a capsize. Always bring a change of clothing.
For more information and to confirm your attendance contact John only at:


Our first run on the Upper Cottonwood River this season.
At the current water level, this will be a run for the more experienced paddlers.
It is suitable for tandem or solo canoes and river kayaks.
Your boats must be equipped with; a spare paddle, bailing device, throw bag(s), painters and
additional flotation. You must wear your approved PFD and wear your wetsuit or drysuit if you have one.
I strongly recommend wearing a helmet too. No open toed sandals please.
You'll need to bring; lunch (on the river), drinking water, treats, first aid, a warm layer etc. . in a small dry bag.
The run is only about 5 km. but with the shuttles and scouting and lunch break, 
we'll end up spending a big part of the day. 

Contact John at:  or  250 255 7484

Take care of yourselves.