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Great day for the Mother's Day Canoe and Bird!!!

We had 5 tandem canoes and the Blackwater Dancer with 6 paddlers.  The sun was out and warm and no wind.  Could not ask for better.

We had great views of the colors of blackbirds and heard their different songs and calls.  Red-necked Grebe pairs were calling loudly in many areas.  Everyone enjoyed the distinctive call and the descending whinnying laugh of the Sora despite never seeing one.  Some Canada Geese were on the nest with eggs while others were shepherding their goslings.  I think, because of the very early spring and ice off, there were no large rafts of waterfowl this year.  But we were able to get some good looks at Redheads, some Surf Scoters and always a pleasure, elegant Long-tailed Ducks.  Our last addition of waterfowl to the day's list was just before we headed back to the boat launch when Ron was the first to spot Ruddy Ducks.  During our regular pit stop, there were lots of exclamations at the spectacular beauty of a male Calliope Hummingbird seen close-up through the scope.  Later on we were fortunate to get an up-close look at a Solitary Sandpiper before paddling across to lunch at Pioneer Park.  While enjoying lunch we had numerous birds telling us of their presence with their songs - RB Nuthatch, RC Kinglet, Warblers, Robins and before lunch Western Tanager.  Download the pdf file to read more...

News May 2015 - pdf download